Blockchain: Things You Need to Know to Become an Art Collector

The love of art has made thousands of people dedicate their time and even invest their money in different works; thanks to this there is the blockchain art marketplace, which attracts those buyers who not only seek to make a purchase motivated by the passion they feel for art but also seek that the work they acquire can be revalued in the future.

Things You Need to Know to Become an Art Collector

If you want to join the blockchain art collection, the first question you should ask yourself is: What kind of art do I want to collect and why? In this way you can build your own collection, ensuring that you have a common blockchain art exchange that unites all the pieces, which can make it much more attractive; It doesn’t necessarily have to be a thematic connection, it can be based on a historical period, a specific artist or a stylistic current.

Once you are clear about your reasons for starting a collection, you must understand the factors that determine the value of the work of art in the market.

The Type of Market

For example, the purchase of an art piece can occur in either of its two markets: primary or secondary. The primary is when you buy directly from the artist or his dealer and are generally newly created works; all other purchases belong to the secondary market. The difference is that in the primary is when you can discover a promising talent, while in the secondary is when a work of art already recognized can multiply its value—an example is the 0xowns — art blockchain platform.

The Category of the Artist

The category of the artist will largely define the price of the work; You can buy artwork from an emerging artist or from an established artist. The difference is that the prices of the first can be much more accessible and also the possibility that their number increases over the years are very high, but the pieces of an established artist tend to have higher demand and therefore, possibility selling.

This is mostly the case with blockchain Art marketplace. This platform gave birth to blockchain crypto-art; a system whereby art investors can purchase the ownership of art without the transfer of assets or tokens.

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