Why Cancer Patients Are Choosing Fundraising for Medical Bills

Cancer is a disease that sucks the life out of a loved one. It slowly eats the person from within when finally he or she has to succumb to death. It needs special cure and immunization is not an option. An individual can get diagnosed to have cancer without any prior notice or symptoms. Most people detect this deadly disease at the final stages where there is no possibility of recovery. For those lucky few, who detect cancer at early curable stages, go through a painful process that takes a toll on the body and the bank account as well.  To understand the need for crowdfunding for cancer treatment, you should know the basic whereabouts of the disease.

Why is cancer treatment expensive?

Cancer is of different types and severity. And unlike other diseases, since it totally breaks down the immunity system, only one kind of medicine is not enough. Radiation therapy like chemo is considered extremely expensive but it does not end there. To reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, the doctors administer methotrexate and to reduce the impact of the latter drug, another one is administered called leucovorin. Along with these drugs the patient requires three more primary drugs to withstand the recoil of cancer. Thus you can only imagine how expensive these medicines might get.

Don’t I have medical insurance?

Medical insurance companies have done extensive research to keep their profit margins intact when it comes to treatment of cancer. There are many who deny the reimbursement of medical costs when the customer is suffering from cancer. Several others promise as low as 20 to 30 % reimbursement. While it might seem to take a considerable load off, it is nowhere near satisfactory.

Don’t cancer drugs have cheaper generic alternatives?

Since the disease is diverse and very difficult to fight, the drugs available are extremely rare. There are no alternatives because the medicine is formulated after extensive research. There is also the factor of drug companies taking advantage of the situation and charging exorbitant amounts fot the medicine.

What is the last resort?

Crowdfunding for medical treatment is the wisest decision. You do not need to think of the inexhaustible interest amounts to be paid if you take a loan. The process is easy and reliable and a lot of liquid cash is available. Crowdfunding India helps in collecting money for the wellbeing of the patient by providing platforms for individuals to appeal to a wider audience and ask for donations to bring relief to a patient during their tough times. There is no extra burden of EMIs and the sufferer can go into therapy without worries and start a new life thereafter without an impending debt.

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